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PCOS Diet Plan
PCOS Diet Plan

Everything about PCOS diet, PCOS nutrition counselling, worst foods for PCOS, food substitutes and PCOS nutrition supplements. In this channel, you will find all the help you might need to create the perfect PCOS diet plan for all your symptoms!

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PCOS Diet Plan

1 Week PCOS Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Day 1

  • Waking up - 1 glass Cinnamon stick Water soaked overnight+ 4 soaked almonds + 2 walnuts.
  • Breakfast - 1 bowl veg oats upma + 1 glass sattu water.
  • Mid-morning - 1 katori fresh pomegranate + 1 tsp pumpkin... (More)
PCOS Diet Plan

Spearmint Tea: A Miracle?

Studies show that 9.13%-22.5% of women with PCOS in India suffer from hyperandrogenism (excess male hormones in the body).

Spearmint tea is a must-try for PCOS cysters, especially for the ones who have significant hyperandrogenism and their related symptoms setting... (More)

PCOS Diet Plan

What are Superfoods?

You must have heard of the term โ€˜superfoodโ€™. With basic understanding, a superfood is super i.e wonderful. Apart from being max in nutrition and low in calories, superfoods are considered beneficial to a personโ€™s health.

They are packed with... (More)