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Health Tip of the Day
Health Tip of the Day

Simple health tips for a healthy lifestyle! Drop by and pick your health tip of the day here.

This channel is a quick read containing simple health tips for every day living. You will find health tips for everyone here.

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Detox drink for metabolism Here is the easiest detox drink which helps in weight loss and improves metabolism Ingredients... 1cup zeera/cumin seeds 1 cup souf/fennel seeds 1cup ajwain/carom seeds 1/2 cup methi/fenugreek seed Mix them all and grind to make... (More)

Eat healthy

Regular walking 

Drinking lots of water

Stay happy

Get enough sleep

Does yout weight seems to to at a place even after following a diet? Here are some points: 🔸️count your calories 🔸️use less sauce 🔸️don't drink your calories 🔸️don't add sugar in your tea or coffee 🔸️cook you... (More)
Hey! This week is dedicated to diabetes I know it sounds totally normal , now a days one in 5 people have diabetes, But it's very difficult to handle and care of a diabetic person So heres some basic knowledge... (More)